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PostSubject: Wash & Go Wonders   Wash & Go Wonders Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2008 5:17 pm

Drying your car's bodywork is an essential but tedious task. Here's the quick answer to the problem....

[url="/front_website/gallery.php?id=260637", 600, 400)]Wash & Go Wonders Car_photo_260637_7[/url]
Auto Express Car Reviews

May 2008

Most motorists know that to keep a car’s paintwork pristine, drying it properly after washing is essential. The traditional way to shift rinse water is with a chamois. But these alternatives aim to make the job easier, quicker or more efficient by waxing at the same time. So which is the best wash-and-go solution? We put cloths, blades and waxes to the test.

The Test

Before being put to work on our test car, we determined how much water the cloths and chamois absorbed. Then we timed how long it took the products to dry the horizontal panels, followed by the wings and doors. Ease of use and finish also came into consideration.

The ultimate drying package comprises Kent’s cost-effective blade followed by the compact Farécla Smart cloth to soak up the last drops. But this combo is more than twice the price of Halfords’ huge and absorbent synthetic chamois, so that takes our Best Buy. Farécla’s versatile Edgeless cloth is our Recommended product and, if you want to add a little protection and shine as you dry your vehicle’s bodywork, look no further than Turtle Wax’s Wax it Wet time-saving solution.

Top 3

  1. Halfords Easy Glide Synthetic Chamois (XL)
  2. Farécla Smart Edgeless Cloth
  3. Turtle Wax Wax it Wet
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Wash & Go Wonders
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